Women Coaching Girls: Slammers Softball Training

The first night we trained in January we had 5 teams all together explaining how the night would run, and in that moment, I realized something. I never had the opportunity they were about to have. There were 8 women standing before these young athletes that played collegiate softball and were now instructors.

With 5 teams training at the same time, Monday and Wednesday nights are beautiful chaos. Instead of just simply training with their coaches, they’re training with college and pro athletes. I was lucky growing up, and had some fantastic male coaches teach me the game and set standards. What I never had was a coach who actually played my sport. It was a special moment for me to see the women I coached in college, now coaching these girls in their sport. We love you softball dads, but it’s incredibly powerful when a young girl can see what they want to be right in front of them.

Over the past 10 years, more and more collegiate softball players are staying involved in the sport outside of college coaching. The significance of this is monumental. Again, I had some great male coaches/role models growing up, but I didn’t have women coaching me until I got to college, and they were the definition of positive mentors. We’re now officially half way through our 5 months of training with 5 teams at Slammers North and it’s been so special to watch it grow. The instructors are engaged, the players are focused and we’re getting better every day. We challenge them, we reward them, and we ask them to be active participants in their development. Training is a two way street and we’ve got participation on both sides. It’s a beautiful thing to see women coaching girls and I can’t wait to watch these teams compete this summer. Feel free to come by and see the madness for yourself.

We’ll be adding 8 more team slots this fall and into the spring of 2021. Reach out for more information on how your team can train with us.

Slammers North Softball

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